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The purpose of the forum is to join and exchange information in relating commercialization of advanced optical system.Discussion will be focused mainly on the integration of Optics, area (or linier) electronic device and computing. It will be held every 2 month at Business Innovation Center Osaka. Members are requested to join with individual based.

Takahisa Hayashi
Takeshi Konishi
Toshihide DOHI

Next Forum

April 22 (Fri) 2011

Business Innovation Center Osaka
1-4-5 Hommachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan

Past Forums

Dated Topics Presider
44th 2012.10.26   Topics from IR lens Takayuki Hirai
(Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal Co.,Ltd)
43th 2012.8.31  Holography and Art
(Report on "International Symposium on Display Holography (Boston)") 
Setsuko Ishii
(Holography Artist) 
42th  2012.6.29  Topics from Optical industry trend in Europe (Report on "Optatech 2012")  Toshihide Dohi
(OptiWorks, Inc)
41th  2012.4.20   Topics from Optical system of FIR Camera
Yasuhiro Mito
Fumihiro Ogawa
(Vision Sensing Co., Ltd.)
40th  2012.2.24   Introduction of Lens design software "Processing and Evaluation of Aspheric surface data"
Tadao Kawamoto
(Lens Design Support Co.,Ltd)
 Report on "recent Optical Design" Toshihide Dohi
(OptiWorks, Inc.)
Takahisa Hayashi
(Mituboshi Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd.)
39th  2011.12.16 Topics from latest Trend and Expectation about Optical development and Industry in
Hamyoon Ansari
(Torrance, CA)
 Newer Technology report of 4D Technology Kenji Uehara
(4D Technology)
38th  2011.12.2  Topics from latest Optical research and Industrializatiion in Central Asia and Russia
Aakar A. Kutanov
(National Academy of Sciences Kyrgyz Republic)
Alexander G. Poleshchuk
(Russian Academy of Sciences)
37th  2011.10.28   Edmund Optics Manufacturing and Product Presentation Timothy Paul Kennedy
(Edmund Optics Japan)
36th  2011.8.26  Report on "SPIE Opticts + Photonisc 2011" Toshihide Dohi
(OptiWorks, Inc.)
35th 2011.6.24   Recollections engaged in optical-related company
 Toshio Ikeuchi
Topics from Market cultivation adapting Optical technology
Kazutaka Tsuji
 Cause and Measure of Depression in Japanese craftsmanship company
Yoshio Tanaka
(Osaka Prefectre Univ.)
34th  2011.4.22 Phase measurement in Light and X-rays
Koichi Iwata
(Osaka Prefecture Univ.)
 Report on "Optifab 2011" Toshihide Dohi
(OptiWorks, Inc.)
33th   2011.2.17 latest Laser glass processing machine for FPD
Masaji Shimizu
(Mitsuboshi Diamond industrial Co., Ltd)
32th 2011.12.17 Overview of lens design and production by HINA-SHA Hideo Narimoto
Report on「ORA Special Seminar 2010」 Toshihide Dohi
(OptiWorks, Inc.)
31th 2010.10.29 Introduction of Optical Inspection Systems in DAINIPPON SCREEN Daisuke Kishiwaki
Report on「Photonics Asia」 Toshihide Dohi
(OptiWorks, Inc.)
30th 2010.8.20 Penetartion of ORA(Optical Research Associates) Lens design Software to Japanese Market - Its history and state of art Emiko Nisigohri
Report on「Optics+Photonics 2010」 Shuko Yokoyama /
Toshiyuki Yokoyama
(Micro Optics Co., Ltd.)
Kazuto Hori
(OptiWorks, Inc.)
29th 2010.6.28 Development of fly eye based compact IR camera Dr. Keiichiroh Kagawa
(Assistant professor - Osaka University Graduate school/ Member of Global COE project)
Report on「International Optical Design Conference (IODC)」「Optical Fabrication and Testing (OF&T)」 Toshihide Dohi
(OptiWorks, Inc.)
28th 2010.4.16 1. Engineering Center Optica - plans, prospectives -
2. Russian museum of Optics
3. Developing optical design software in ITMO
(The Saint Petersburg State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics)
4. PhD sudent in Optics - programs, activity
5. Russian beautiful nature
6. Beauty of St.Petersburg
1. Irina Livshits

2. Sergey Stafeev

3. Mathew Pashkovsky

4. Roman Anitropov

5. Valentina Grigoryeva

6. Lidia Studenikina
27th 2010.2.26 Microscopic imaging under the voluntary illuminating optics ==Digital microscope illuminator optics by DMD device== Masahisa Ogawa
(Photonic Instruments)
26th 2009.12.21 Phase detection using 2D grating and its application for angular and 3D altitude mapping Koichi Iwata
(Alumnus:Osaka Pref. University
adviser: Technology Research Institute of Osaka Prefecture)
25th 2009.10.29 Introduction of "Monozukuri-support project" by Business Innovation Center Osaka Gen Tagaya
(Business Innovation Center Osaka)
High speed 3D Measurement Mitsuaki Susaki
24th 2009.8.21 Review of the recent photolithography exposure optics through patent Takahisa Hayashi
Introduction of infrared thermography camera "UVLIPS" Yasuo Mito / Fumihiro Ogawa
(Vision Sensing Co.,Ltd.)
23rd 2009.6.19 Optical Market a la carte Hisao Fujita
(Techno Office Matsumoto)
22nd 2009.4.22 New plan of Edmund Optics Japan - Catalogue, Custom and Technical support Timothy Paul Kennedy
(President/ Edmund Optics Japan)
21st 2009.2.27 Cell examination by high resolution Brewster Angle microscope Katsuhiko Yasaka
20th 2008.12.22 Frequency Stabilized Laser for High Precision Measurement Shuko Yokoyama / Toshiyuki Yokoyama (Micro Optics Co., Ltd.)
19th 2008.10.28 R&D Challenges of a Global Optics Manufacturing Model Samuel P. Sadoulet
(VP / Engineering and R&D / Edmund Optics)
18th 2008.8.25 Let's talk about Optics module by ChinonTech Toshiaki Matsukura
17th 2008.6.17 Optical Solution for Multi-Pixel Cameras and Its Optical-Information Applications Irina Livshits
(Professor /Saint Petersburg State University of Information Technologies)
16th 2008.4.25 Thickness or Cellgap Measurent with full field processing Toshio fujii
(TECNOS Co.,Ltd.)
15th 2008.2.27 Optical System Design Considerations for Near UV and NIR applications Andrew Cheng
(PROSYS Optics Corporation, US)
14th 2007.12.21 An investigation of a graphic-language(LabVIEW) based processing for optical systems applying to the measurement of MTF Atsuo Tanaka
(OptiWorks, Inc.)
13rd 2007.10.31 Introduction of Recent Optical Interferometry for industrial use Takashi Homma
12nd 2007.8.31 On the Academic-Industrial Alliance of Optical Technology -Case of OITDA- Kimio Tatsuno
11st 2007.6.25 On the business model of Showa Science Co. "Recent trend of optics related product" Toshio Ikeuchi
(Director, Showa Science Osaka Branch)
10th 2007.4.25 Multi Lens Camera using CMOS based Imager Yasuo Masaki
(Vice Administerative Director / FUNAI ELECTRIC CO., LTD.)
9th 2007.2.28 State-of-arts on Area sensor Shigehiro Miyatake
(ISA Reserch Laboratory)
Report of "Electronic Imaging 2007"(San Jose, USA)
8th 2006.12.5 Theme: "Topics on Optics in Russia"
1. Recent lens design for consumer market
2. Deveropment of digital micro scope
3. Ultla-precision machining and its optics application
(1)Irina Livshits
(Professor /Saint Petersburg State University of Information Technologies)
(2) Dr. D.Frolov
(FOCUS Inc., Saint Petersburg)
(3)Dr. A.G.Poleshchuk
(Institute of Automation and Electromaty, Novosibirsk)
7th 2006.10.27 Optical technologies at Dainippon Screen Screen Mfg.Co., Ltd. which is introduced by Dr. Wakimoto and his successors Atsushi Abematsu
(Optics Ishiyama)
OSA 2006 Annual Meeting (Rochester, N.Y.) Toshihide Dohi
(OptiWorks, Inc.)
Special Program 2006.9.13 Global manufacturing strategy of Edmund Optics Walt Czajkowski
(VP / Edmund Optics)
Optical design trend of Edmund Optics Jeremy Govier
(GM / Tucson Optical design Center)
6th 2006.8.21 Fabrication process of CGH ( Computer Genereated Hologram) and discuss on how to industrialize Toshihide Dohi
(OptiWorks, Inc.)
Developement of New concept MTF machine Julien Bou
(OptiWorks, Inc.)
5th 2006.6.30 Digital imaging Technologies using honeycomb structured CCD and its advanced processing Masafumi Inuiya
(Fujifilm Co.)
Special Program 2006.6.13 New business model of high-tech industry in US Aki Tomita Ph.D
(OptiWorks Associate)
4th 2006.4.17 Controle of line sensor camera by notebook PC Yoshimi Sakazaki
(Japan Electrosensary Device Co.)
Report from " Forum on Optical System Design"( March 10 in Tokyo) Toshihide Dohi
(OptiWorks, Inc.)
3rd 2006.2.23 Discuss on recent imagiing device Takuzo Okumura
(Kitora Technology)
Report of“ Photonics West 2006”(1) Akira Arimoto
(PENTAX Corporation)
Report of“ Photonics West 2006”(2) Toshihide Dohi
(OptiWorks, Inc)
2nd 2005.12.2 Development of phase measurement board for flatness interferometric testing Mamoru Kawahara
(K-Tech Corp.)
Survey of US market using an integration of image signal and its computing technology Toshihide Dohi
(OptiWorks, Inc.)
1st 2005.10.11 Guidance of Optical System Forum
Takeshi Takashima
Optics technology wafting through a concerned market Toshihide Dohi
(OptiWorks, Inc.)
How Optical Design Technology can generate new optical system business model Takahisa Hayashi